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France is home to haute couture and sophisticated clothing lines, making it the fashion capital of the world. It offers exquisite cuisine and wide-ranging wines through elegant avenues like Champs-Élysées, Ile-de-France, Provence and Burgundy. It also boasts of distinct art spaces. Paris alone accommodates more than eighty museums and two hundred art galleries, including the famous Louvre Museum, which you can all see with the help of car rentals France. France has also presented the Cannes Film Festival where international film industry key players meet and give out prestigious laureates of excellence in arts and media. The French experience is not complete without coming across such pleasures.

Annually, France gives a taste of its classy living to over seventy-nine million tourists. Its unique location allows tourists to marvel in expansive visitor locations, from inbound tourist spots to broad bodies of waters like The French Guiana, the Riviera, the Alpine peaks and the sea cliffs of the Atlantic Coast.

France’s hexagonal territorial shape allows tourists to fully enjoy road trips as there is a great number of roads and highways that link France to bordering countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. You could get around the country by air through its main airline Air France; by water through car ferries and cruising boats; by land through rail passes, trolleybuses, tramway, driverless trains, car rentals France and taxis. To make the most of your vacation and you want to visit countryside locations, the best way to go would be through car rentals France. Renting a car would prove to be more convenient as the most controlled public vehicles are mainly concentrated in key cities.

Car rentals France are also booked via the Internet. You choose your car, fill in your itinerary details then the online car rental agency immediately gives you a price estimation. You have to be at least 21 years old to hire a car in France. If your driving license is only two years old, you can only drive up to 56mph on normal roads, 62mph on dual carriageways and 68mph on motorways. You also have to be careful when driving under the influence; they have frequent random breath tests for drinking-and-driving. The alcohol limit is 0.5g.

Documentation is a compulsory part of driving vehicles in France. You should check out your rental car if it has an international sign, either a sticker or a plate, which would determine your country of origin. This sign should be placed in clear view of your rental car. You should also ask for the rental car’s original registration, or at least a certified true copy, from the agency.

You may also want to be familiarized with road signs unique to France. These are two examples: direction signs that post the driving speed limits for various motorways inside and outside its cities; and a mandatory sign with the image of a tire with snow chains for travelers in mountainous areas of France.

Car rentals France also include recreational vehicles. Maximize your stay by having a mobile home right at your hands. This is available in the cities of Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Paris.

Car rentals France should be your main priority in visiting France. You can enjoy unlimited access to cross-country roads and go on trips that are not reachable by public transport. You are definitely set for Tour de France with such amenity.

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